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Tailor Made Reconstruction

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Journal #28 Tailor Made Reconstruction 


#1 Based on the video please generate notes related to President Andrew Johnson and his role in the Reconstruction process





#2  Why was President Andrew Johnson Impeached in 1868?


1. President Johnson offers pardons to former Confederate officials.


2. Former leaders of the Confederacy are elected back into power in Southern State legislatures


3. New elected state legislatures begin passing laws designed to recreate conditions close to slavery Example - Black Codes


4. President Johnson goes back of his pledge to redistribute former plantation acreage to freed slaves and poor whites  


5. President Johnson allows newly formed Southern state legislatures to elect representatives to Congress





Johnson vetoes legislation that extended civil rights and financial support for the former slaves. Congress was able to override only a few of his vetoes, setting the stage for a confrontation between Congress and the president







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