John Quincy Adams and the Corrupt Bargain

The Presidency of John Quincy Adams 1824-1828
"The Corrupt Bargain"






#1 Generate Notes from Video:  America 1815 to 1825



#2 Who won the Election of 1824?  













#3 Why was it called the Corrupt Bargain? 

The Democratic Republicans called the election the “corrupt bargain” Clay uses his influence in the House of Representatives to get Adams elected. Clay is appointed Secretary of State (stepping stone to the Presidency?) 




#4 The Presidency of John Quincy Adams - one and done 





RESUME - Road to the White House

Son of 2nd President John  Adams

Ambassador/Minister to 4 different nations

Secretary of State under James Monroe – wrote the Monroe doctrine

Served as President 1824-28




1831 – was reelected to the house and served 17 years

1848 – suffered a stroke in Congress and died (they say his ghost still roams the capital)