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The Impending Crisis

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The Impending Crisis of the Union
1854 to 1860



Context: In March 1857, the Supreme Court rules that Dred Scott is not a citizen because of his race. The decision goes even further, stating Congress has no authority to exclude slavery from any part of the nation or its territories. The Missouri  Compromise is therefore ruled unconstitutional


 The Impending Crisis of the Union, 1855-59:  The tide begins to shift  because of a  clash of interests (between 1820-1854)  abolition of slavery vs. territorial expansion - Remember the  word is  COMPROMISE



1854                              The Kansas-Nebraska Act  and the Ostend Manifesto

1855-56                        Bleeding Kansas and the canning of Charles Sumner    and John Brown

1857                              The Dred Scott Decision 

1859                              Harpers Ferry Raid  






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