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The Reconstruction Period  Begins

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The Realities and Legacies of Reconstruction 1865-1877

“A splendid failure did not achieve its goals in any lasting manner”
Wrote one of the first major history of Reconstruction 
WEB DuBois


Replay - The Cause 


Historical Context: As we explore the post war years (1865 to 1877) please keep in mind the following events are occurring simultaneously: rapid Industrial growth and labor unrest in a number of northern cities, building of the Transcontinental RR; wars of Conquest against Native Americans on the Great Plains, significant western migration and settlement and a financial Panic in 1873



The Civil War is Over now what?

President Abraham Lincoln’s Plan (1863-1865):  The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

President Andrew Johnson’s Plan (1865-1867)

Congressional Reconstruction (1867-1868)

Southern Reaction to Reconstruction (1868-1877)




#1 How did the South react




#2 What was Radical Reconstruction?  
















The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson (2:41)















#1 What did the end of the Civil War mean to African Americans





#2 How did the Government assist African Americans





#3 How did the South react





#4 What was Radical Reconstruction?  







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