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The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon

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#1 The Election of 1968

Nixon's Souther Strategy  refers to the Republican Party strategy of winning elections in Southern statesby exploiting anti-African American racism and fears of lawlessness


The Silent Majorty - Courting the vote of law abidiing Americans



#2 America in 1970 

Vietnamization - The effort to build up South Vietnamese troops while withdrawing American troops, it was an attempt to turn the war over to the Vietnamese.


Bombing of Laos and Cambodia -  Illegal U.S. bombing of North Vietnamese positions in Cambodia and Laos( Technically illegal because Cambodia and Laos were neutral),


Kent State: May 4, 1970 - National Guardsmen opened fire on a group of students protesting the Vietnam War. 


#3 Richard Nixon and The Watergate Crisis (1972)
Watergate June 17, 1972 - five men arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee's executive quarters in the Watergate Hotel. Two White House aides were indicted; they quit, Senate hearing began in May, 1973, President Nixon is impeached for his role in the Watergate affair


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